Amalna organises a Women’s Self Defence Course

In response to increasing reports of sexual violence in the streets, parks, and other public places in Iraq, AMALNA and Strategic Edge have teamed up to provide a series of self-defence courses to equip women in the humanitarian sector with the capability for self-protection, develop strength and confidence in a dangerous environment, and deal with the threat of sexual harassment and violence. This course is a fund-raiser for the Mosul Support Center for Women and Children. All course fees are donated to AMALNA’s life-saving work in response to gender-based violence, women’s health, and psychosocial wellbeing of women and children.

The first course will take place on October 11, from 09.00 – 16.00, in Ainkawa Royal Hotel, Ainkawa district, city of Erbil, KRI.

Interested participants are requested to apply through this link:

Published by

Edessa Ramos

Humanitarian Safety and Security, Social Entrepreneur, Capacity-Builder, Emergency Responder

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