Our Work in West Mosul

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Mosul Support Center for Women and Children. By providing women and their children with psychological first aid and trauma counselling, we guide them towards the path of healing, and we mitigate the risk of post-traumatic stress syndrome and other mental health problems in the future. By providing them with a safe space for reflection, sharing, and collective activities, we create a community of survivors that foster resilience and sustainable development.

We need your help. Will you join us in fulfilling these gaps that must be addressed:

1. Justice and Legal Support.  We need to help women and children access the legal system for the protection of their rights, especially if they have been affected by GBV.

2. Expansion of psychosocial support.  We need to reach women and children in other districts of West Mosul, especially the old city, who have no means or capability to access the hospital.

3. Special school for war-injured and disabled children. We are concerned that these children will be unable to join regular schools for years to come and will therefore be deprived of their right to education and equal opportunity for the future. Homeschooling in our center is a temporary but necessary solution.

4. Youth Development program.  We need to develop activities for teen-agers, especially young males, who are often most neglected in child protection programming.

5. Community building program.  We need to develop outreach activities in neighbourhoods in order to promote peace-building, education, livelihood opportunities, by mobilising families into community activities that tackle the following:

• Mine Risk awareness for children, especially in Old Mosul, where children are
constantly in danger of being killed or injured.

• Trauma Counselling for School teachers – We recognise that teachers seek to help their students whereas they themselves are struggling with the trauma of IS and the war. We also think that this will encourage more teachers to return from the east side, as the west side is now suffering from severe shortage of teaching staff.

• Assistance and long term solutions for orphans and unaccompanied children, including newborn infants abandoned in the maternity ward by traumatized mothers.

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