AMALNA celebrates the 10th World Humanitarian Day

Today is the 10th Anniversary of #WorldHumanitarianDay as declared by the United Nations, and this year honoring #WomenHumanitarians. Today we remember the hundreds and thousands of fearless women who overcome the limits imposed by security risks, hostile environments, social constraints, and unbelievable challenges in order to deliver aid, alleviate suffering, and make the world a better place. Let me start with our team in Mosul that serves war-affected women and children despite the suffering that they themselves had to endure… tireless, energy without equal, dedicated beyond measure. To this day we continue to operate the centre despite lack of funds and support. Above all, we celebrate the women of Mosul, who transitioned from victims to survivors to community organisers and humanitarians, helping to heal and rebuild their communities. May this day, and every day, be an occasion to commemorate the work of all women that helps to build a better world.

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