We offer Women’s Protection and Self-Defence Training to women’s organizations worldwide. Contact us (see details at the bottom of this page).

The workshop “Women’s Self-Protection through Empowerment and Skills Building

Self-Defence demonstration held in Kathmandu by WEN

Why should women learn self-defence?

Every year, the WHO cites violence against women as a worldwide pandemic. Fear has too long and too often been used to shape women’s lives, enforce male domination, and deprive them of equal opportunities for self-determination. The effort to combat sexual gender-based violence starts with helping women maintain control over their bodies, protect their own safe space, and lead other women in doing the same.

“Indecent and violent behaviour towards women is unacceptable! And we must make it clear.”

Our training focuses on women becoming self-reliant, empowered to decide on her course of action, and capable of taking action to save herself.

Fight for freedom and control over own body. 

Real protection means to recognize threats, deal with violence through empowered means such as simple but effective self-defence, and become women’s rights defenders actively engaged in promoting protection for all women. This 3-pronged approach of recognition-defence-transformation directly addresses the biggest threats: sexual harassment, street violence, sexual assault, and rape.

Who we are

We are women’s rights activists, journalists, educationists, and martial artists from Nepal, Iraq, Europe, and USA. Our self-defence instructors are top-ranked international martial artists with 20 years of experience in teaching, mentoring, and counselling women and girls.

WEN CONTACT:  Rashmila Prajapati
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