Thanks for joining us in Amalna!

We are a grassroots community organisation. Our current programs are in Mosul, Iraq.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic upheaval, such as war, prolonged exposure to violence, or major natural disasters, most of the time all that the people have got left is hope. It is what sustains them to survive, to search for lost families and friends, to imagine a future despite the destruction and despair of the present.


With our own hands, time, energy, and resources, we respond to the humanitarian needs and post-conflict reconstruction needs of families who are driven out of their homes by war and violence.


Amalna was born in March 2017 in West Mosul, during the height of the military offensive to liberate the city from the so-called Islamic State. We started as a pool of medical professionals, all volunteers, providing emergency medical care at the frontlines to save the lives of civilians. With our own hands, our own time and energy, our own resources along with some donations, and amidst the fury of mortar shells and gun battles, risking our lives was a necessity to save as many as we could. Our Trauma Stabilisation Point in the district of Agidat was the first and only medical team organized exclusively for civilians, especially women and children.going to the bridge

In June 2017, Amalna grew from a life-saving medical team at the frontline, to a life-changing center for healing at the Mosul General Hospital in Mansour-Wadi Hajr. As military operations raged on and people fled the Old City, we set up a psychosocial and emergency medical center in a small room inside a burned walls of the hospital. We assisted in the emergency room during mass casualties incidents. We treated children on desktops while the paediatric ward was not operational.

Amalna was born amidst war. In 8 months’ time, we have served over 10,000 women and children in West Mosul. This extra-ordinary track record is anchored in the heroic work and unstoppable determination of our members and volunteers.

You can be part of our work. Contact us to discuss ways to join.