Amalna Foundation

AMALNA Foundation is a grassroots community organisation founded in Mosul in 2017 during the course of emergency medical response for civilians fleeing the battlefields as fierce fighting raged between Iraqi / International Coalition Forces and the extremist insurgents known as Daesh. Registered in Iraq as Amalna Foundation for Community Building, we focus on underserved populations in hard-to-reach and high risk areas. We concentrate on transitional aid and stabilization projects, as well as psychosocial support for women and children suffering from prolonged exposure to violence.

In 2018, AMALNA Foundation was established in the United States, registered in Chicago, for the purpose of mobilizing people to analyse and debate at home, encouraging them to address humanitarian crises either by volunteering or contributing resources directly to those in need, and calling on them to lobby for aid in building sustainable communities. By connecting communities in the Western Hemisphere with people in crisis countries, those in need shall gain better access to food, healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities. By putting universal values of humanity into action, we help build a peaceful and better world.

AMALNA is run by volunteers. With our own hands, time, energy, and resources, we respond to the humanitarian needs and assist the post-conflict reconstruction efforts of families driven out of their homes by war and violence.


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AMALNA was born amidst war. In March 2017, our volunteer pool of international and local medical professionals set up a Trauma Stabilization Point in West Mosul during the height of the military offensive. We provided emergency medical care just 200 meters from frontline areas, helping save hundreds of civilian lives.

In June 2017, Amalna grew from a frontline medical team to a life-changing center for healing at the Mosul General Hospital in Mansour-Wadi Hajr. As military operations raged on and people fled the Old City, we set up a psychosocial and emergency medical center in a small room inside the burned walls of the hospital. We assisted in the emergency room during mass-casualty incidents. We treated children on desktops as the pediatric ward was not operational. In 8 months’ time, we have served over 10,000 women and children in West Mosul. We distributed thousands of emergency food packs and baby items donated by Oxfam.

In July, we helped reopen the pediatric ward through private donations. In December, assistance came from SODI International of Germany, which supplied the ward pediatricians, nurses, trauma counselors, and medical supplies. This was followed by assistance from Friends of Waldorf Education which helped sustain our psychosocial support work for children.

By June 2018, our service record has reached 25,000, the result of the extraordinary dedication and unstoppable determination of our volunteers, staff, and donors.

Anyone who wants to serve humanity can be part of our work. Contact us to discuss ways to join our journey.