Still no aid. No chance to move on. No future. And still they thrive.

Spending time with families broken by war, now living in collapsed houses,
seeing small children walking 5 km. through rubble to get to school,
helping a mother cross the city on foot with a dying infant,

Looking at the apocalyptic scale of destruction all around,
shrouded by the decay of bodies still unrecovered
one year after victory over ISIS was declared,


Standing in front of the burned buildings of Mosul General Hospital, overcrowded and under-equipped, and still the only functioning medical facility in this devastated city,


the doctors helping this mother had to ask… has the world truly failed Mosul? Where are the promises of help to rebuild broken homes and shattered lives?


The fight is not over. Let us be part of their struggle to survive. Let us be part of their work to build back their city.

Published by

Edessa Ramos

Humanitarian Safety and Security, Social Entrepreneur, Capacity-Builder, Emergency Responder

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