Help rebuild Mosul Old City

The people of Mosul face the overwhelming task of recovering from one of the worst humanitarian crises in history, wrought by a war of catastrophic proportions. The most vulnerable group that experiences tremendous suffering and receives little support are the children and young adults. War-injured, traumatized, having lost one or both parents, and deprived of the most basic coping mechanisms, they face the ordeal of recuperating from the unspeakable violence and human rights violations inflicted by ISIS. Today they struggle to survive in a city almost completely destroyed by war. The children and the women carry the burden of a terrible past.

We seek to establish structured responses and sustainable programs for children and their families/caregivers, in a place where little or no structured response is in place.

Our projects inside the Old City of Mosul aim to:

  • Help war-affected children overcome emotional, mental, and physical trauma through psychosocial support and medical assistance.
  • Respond to the needs of survivors of gender-based violence, particularly women, girls, and boys and enable them to recover, heal, and rebuild their lives and futures.
  • Rebuild the social fabric of returnee and stayee communities through social cohesion projects.
  • Guarantee access to knowledge through a community library in the city and outlying villages, with initial focus on Old Mosul.

Published by

Edessa Ramos

Humanitarian Safety and Security, Social Entrepreneur, Capacity-Builder, Emergency Responder

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